Who the heck is this Wanda Loskot?

I am a personal business coach writer and speaker, involved in electronic marketing since 1987. I was raised and educated in Poland and as a young woman worked as a journalist. In 1979 left my country with just a dream and $150 in my pocket and I never looked back. OK, I looked :) and I even visited a few times my country, but I never had any regrets.

It was a long and winding road, I had many ups and downs – from working in the toothpick factory in Vienna, through waiting tables, cleaning houses, selling home made foods, Avon cosmetics and real estate, served as interpreter in federal prisons. Later I conducted self-development classes and run my own radio program and even TV show on public access…

In 1995 I became a business coach and shortly after that I started my www adventure. It changed my life nearly as much, as leaving Poland did years before. I was very active on the internet right from the start and quickly became one of the authorities on the subject – my first home study program on email marketing was released in the year 2000, sixteeen years ago!

As a business coach I work with clients on four continents, my articles are published in countless publications, translated into many languages (including Chinese) and my book “Make Your Business Thrive” received amazing reviews.

What I can say?
It’s been quite a ride!

As a professional speaker I belong to that small group of presenters who get invited by the same organizations over and over again because audiences demand it.

I know that this Internet stuff can feel very intimidating – but trust me, no matter where are you now, you can make it big here.

If I did it, you can do it too!

My unique expertise is sifting through all of these great ideas, searching for nuggets of wisdom and condensing them into practical, useful, street smart strategies that allow my clients to grow their businesses exponentially – with the utmost of integrity and pleasure.

I know from my own experience there are no limits — only the ones we set for ourselves!