My new podcast is coming soon – but in a meantime here is something worth listening..

Below are a few interviews from the archive of my “Success Connection Radio”. These conversations were recorded way back when, in the year 2002, yes fifteen years ago, when it was not easy to record over the phone, so the quality is far from perfect.

But the content is still solid gold. My guests deliver some spectacular advice for small business owners, current after all those years. Definitely wort listening!

What Makes People Click? – with Jim Sterne
Jim Sterne understands the ins and outs of Internet marketing more than anyone. PC World calls him “One of the most knowledgeable hype-free practitioners on Web marketing” and Seth Godin said about him “one of the clearest thinkers around. More about Jim Sterne on his site here >>>

Endless Referrals – with Bob Burg
Bob Burg, motivational speaker and author of bestsellers “Endless Referrals” and “Winning Without Intimidation” shares some REALLY great tips on connecting with people and referral strategies. More about Bob Burg on his site here >>>

The Brand Called You – with Peter Montoya
Here is my interview with Peter Montoya, one of the leading authorities on personal branding – author of great books: “The Brand Called You” and “The Personal Branding Phenomenon”. More about Peter Montoya on his site here >>>

Seven Deadly Advertising Sins – with Jason Peery
Jason was one of the best copywriters I’ve ever known. He was also teaching people “how to write copy that grabs people’s eyeballs and glues them to your sales message”. Unfortunately, shortly after recording this interview in 2002 he disappeared and I have no idea wha he is up to.