If you are not doing it now…

A while ago I watched Oprah interviewing a couple of doctors, truly dedicated to their profession. One was working with cancer patients, the other one in the emergency room. Both daily under a lot if stress — but of course both passionate about their work and it’s meaning.

There was a talk about coming to terms with our own mortality – the doctors admitted that they have plenty of opportunities to think about this. When Oprah asked “what would you do if you had only 3 months of life left?” — the answer was: “I would be here with you”.

It is a magnificent example of how we can examine whether or not we are fulfilling our lives. If your work is meaningful to you, you will not want to quit doing it. So, ask yourself “what would I do if I had only a few months left to live” — and if you are NOT doing it now, change the direction and start doing it. ASAP.

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