How to get your prospects read your message

According to the American Library Association only 10-15% of Americans are avid readers who read everything. These people are detail oriented and not only appreciate what they read – they will also spot every error on the page.

10-15 percent of Americans are either functionally illiterate or can read but do not – these people look mostly at photos and read just headlines. They will rather call the phone number listed on your material to for more information than read the entire copy.

The rest, the majority of Americans, 70-80%, only skim and scan the text. They make quick decisions based on the headlines and will read something that appeals to them, but they prefer brief paragraphs, bulleted lists and captions under photographs.

What does it mean?

You have much greater chance to get your prospects read your message if you offer them bite-size, easy to digest pieces to read. If you write a book, divide it into many short chapters. If you write article, create short paragraphs, write short sentences and use short words. Like it or not, short is better because even those who read, prefer to read short and easy stuff.

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