How To Get More Traffic
by Using a Signature File

I bet you already know what is a signature file. It is that short message people add at the end of their e-mail letters. Do you use it? And if you do, do you use it effectively?

Judging from the pile of e-mails I receive every day, most people don't use it at all. Majority of others could improve the effectiveness of their signature significantly.

When used right, a signature file is the single most effective marketing tool you have at your disposal. Just think: if you send only 10 e-mails per day, it will add up to 3,650 e-mails per year. That means 3,650 impressions of your signature file! And if you send about 50 e-mails per day, it means over 18,000 opportunities to advertise your business. All free of cost, with no extra work, except the time spent to set it up.

I have a feeling that now I have your attention! Here is how you can make your signature file effective:

  • If you didn't do it yet, make sure that you DO set it up. Don't procrastinate or wait for setting up your web site. You can use a sig file way before registering a domain name.

  • Don't aim for perfection. Far from perfect signature is better than none.

  • Once you set it up, use it all the time. So many people HAVE signature files set up on their systems, yet they STILL don't use them! Why, oh why? Using a signature file is safe for the the environment and rain forest, it doesn't cause computer crashes or expose your hard drive to viruses! All it does is promotes networking and makes our lives easier.

  • Make it short. Sure, you CAN attach a whole essay at the end of your email message and no one will accuse you of anything. But the longer it is, the less likely people will read it. And you would like them to not only *read* it but comprehend it as well, even *respond* to it, right? Use maximum 5-6 lines.

  • Always add http:// at the beginning of your web address, so that it becomes a hyperlink in most e-mail programs. If the recipient wants to visit your site, he (or she) can launch a browser's window with just one click!

    For example is clickable in just about every email program (except AOL) -- while alone is not. Remember, if you make it easy for people to visit, it is quite likely that they will!

  • Make it easy to read, uncluttered and no wider than 60-65 characters per line. Some email programs can't handle longer line width and might chop your sig in unexpected places.

  • If you want to be contacted by phone, include your number in your signature too. But you might want to skip the mailing address -- better use that limited space for more significant announcement or special offer. You can use a signature file to tell people what is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or offer a free report from autoresponder -- but remember do not try to tell them the *entire* story or publish a list of every service you offer. It's a *signature*, not a brochure!

  • If you post to discussion lists, include your e-mail address in your signature file as well. Just *replying* to your post on the list will most likely send an e-mail to the entire list. You might also want to use different signatures when posting to different discussion lists. It makes sense to target your messages to specific audiences!

  • If you include your e-mail address, make it clickable too, by adding "mailto:" in front of the address -- a simple click will open automatically a pre-addressed outgoing email message in most e-mail programs.

  • Use various signatures for different purposes. For example, use a different sig responding to a specific type of business inquiries and another when corresponding with your clients who already know your offers.

  • Use a signature file when sending e-mail to your friends too. Just make it non-commercial, perhaps even fun, but DO include your hyperlinked URL so that if they want to visit your site, it is just as easy for them as for the others.

  • Be careful with text art. Not everyone has e-mail program set to ASCII text or courier font and what looks cute and smart on your own screen, might look like a holy mess in e-mail program set up to display messages in variable type of font.

A good signature file doesn't require conscious reading. You can take just one short glance and figure out whether or not there is something of interest to you. Like with so many things in life, with signature files LESS IS MORE!

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