Mixing Love with Business

People ask me all the time what does it take to succeed in business and they get very surprised when I share with them my formula for success. It has a lot to do with love and passion. And it works like a charm, guaranteed!

1. Love what you do
You can't be successful without this. If you don't truly love what you do, you will not be able to sustain long enough the level of enthusiasm necessary to succeed. Don't think that being passionate about your future income is enough -- customers sense when business owners are motivated just by money and don't trust them.

Some people fake their passion -- that doesn't work either. It is not possible to fake high level of interest in the long run. And without that genuine passionate love of what you do, sooner or later you will get very impatient. You will get bored with your product, service or even worse: with people you serve. You will begin to cut corners instead of going the extra mile.

Please, make sure that you love what you do. Only then will you be always willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

2. Love Your Customers
I don't mean *like* - I mean really *love*. There is a big difference between liking and loving, don't you agree? Loving someone means going out of our way to help them. Finding pleasure in seeing them succeeding.

When we love someone, we want to see them flourish - whether or not we make a sale. When we love someone, our hearts melt with sheer joy when they do something great. And when people we love are hurting, we feel their pain -- so we offer them support and understanding.

That's the kind of love I'm talking about when I say "love your customers". Try it. Magic happens when you love customers. They love you back!

When I do presentations on this topic, people in the audience often roll their eyes. Some even ask: "Wanda, did you meet some of my customers? They don't respect my time, they are even rude and want my stuff for free. How can I *love* these people?"

Well, there is more to my success formula...

3. Find Customers You CAN Love
Marketing skills are important not only to find a high NUMBER but also a high QUALITY of customers. Searching for people who are most likely in need of what you have and who are financially qualified to buy it is not enough. Define also a profile of your *ideal* customer and make sure that your marketing message is appealing to them.

Look for those who share your own values, for people who are honorable, generous and kind. They won't abuse your generosity, they value their own time as much as time of others and their checks always clear. You will find them easy to love.

Let's face it, there are people you don't want to see near you or your business, let alone have a loving relationship with them! Not everyone who wants to buy something from you, is able to recognize and appreciate the high quality of service you provide if you really aim high.

My advice? Skim the cream. Leave the whiners, complainers, psychos and other difficult people to your competition.

4. Find out what they want
While most of your competition is guessing and assuming, you should decide to become a true LISTENER. Like a good doctor ask your customers where does it hurt and then offer solutions. Yes, it does take work and time and skill and patience. But it is the best investment you can make. Business research is even more important for small business than for the big guys. Big companies have deep pockets and can afford costly mistakes that can make you go broke.

5. Give Them What They Want
Once you know what they want, the rest is easy. Just give them what they want. Simple - isn't it?

Keep in mind: it is all about what THEY want. Your *most* wanted customers. Not what the entire market might want. And certainly not what those difficult to deal with customers want. You are building your business to fulfill the wants of those you can love.

Develop a quality product/service and create a superb system for delivery to make sure that your customers experience no snags, no wasted time, no frustration. Try to exceed their expectations every step of the way, whenever possible.

6. Get the rewards
When people with high values receive a superb quality service or products that solve their problems, they feel very grateful. They expect to pay for it, their checks clear and they tell others about their experience. They also come back to buy more.

You will be amazed how fast your business will grow when you begin to mix business with love on so many levels.

Of course, you might want to hire me as a coach -- that will make things easier, promise ;-)