No experience necessary?

I'm getting many requests to visit websites and fix problems Unfortunately I don't have time to do favors as I used to, but sometimes I do feel compelled to help. A while ago this email from Hannah (name changed to protect privacy) made me click on the link...

I could not help but send her my comments. She responded and so the correspondence went back and forth - please read on...


Hello Wanda,

I know you are very busy and probably have no time. But could
you do me a big favor. I know this might be too much for me
to ask, but if you should get a chance I'd really greatly

Could you please take a look at my Website and tell me why
I have yet to sell one package? I don't understand why I don't
get traffic?

Unless the man who sold it to me suggested a wrong way of
advertising it. He gave me this ad...

   Internet Business! 150 page WebSite that sells what
   the net uses most. Your very own site at
   sells Hosting, Domain name registration, Website Design,
   Engine Submission, Banners ads and more. No experience
   necessary. We do all the work. You do not build the site
   yourself. It's already built.

This is how he told me to advertise. Please let me know if
by chance you can take a look at my Website.

I hope you may give me some advise on what I can do.
Thanks so much for your time.



Dear Hannah,

I clicked on your link and visited your site. The only
thing that you are selling there is the opportunity.
Your page title says "5,397 per month - guaranteed!".

You know that the ad doesn't tell the truth. And you know
there is no guarantee. It there was one - you'd have
over $5,000 every month.

You cannot build a business based on lies.
You can only cheat.

You fell for a "pie in the sky" and now you hope that somebody
else will fall again for it, so that YOU get paid.
And so it goes....

My advice?
Get out.

Cut your losses.
Everyone makes mistakes - but only some learn from them.
Only some realize soon enough... You just did.

Start your own business.
Something you really love to do.
Something you would be committed to deliver with awesome
quality - time after time after time.

Right now - you are on a dead end street.

I hope this helps,

best wishes.


Hello Wanda

I most certainly appreciate your comments. There is
only one problem. I already paid for that Website.
Now I wish I didn't

I am going to have to live with that lie over my head.
Now I don't even feel like advertising it, but like
I said it's paid for now. I don't know where to turn
with this Website now. Isn't it really possible to earn
that much money with that Website per month?

Again thanks for your time and comments.



Hi Hannah,

> Isn't it really possible to earn that much money with
> that Website per month?

Yes - it is possible.
By cheating someone like you yourself. By selling
something you KNOW doesn't work. You might find many

Is this something that interests you?

best regards

I don't know what happened to Hannah - how many people, if any at all, bought from her this kind of a website operation. She didn't write to me after that exchange.

Your quest for internet success can be a dangerous game. Make sure that before buying into any promise of making money, you check the credentials of the seller as well as testimonials (not only *read* -- confirm them!). And be realistic and VERY skeptical about such phrases as "FAST results", "NO experience necessary", "WE do all the work".

Believe me, there is no fast way to success, you will need experience and no one will do the work but you or people you hire.