Yes, you CAN have ideal business!

Imagine… doing business only with people who trust you, who respect you, like you, even love you…. It is not only fun and pleasure — this kind of people listen to your advice and that by itself helps you produce incredible results.

Imagine… having more fun and more balance in your life than you have right now…No more ups and downs! Work less hours and have more time to pursue your hapiness. Yes, your income can be both high and predictable.

Imagine… getting paid what you are really worth — while doing what you truly love to do… Work only with people who are willing to pay high fees for your outstanding service. (They are more fun too ;-)

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Mixing Love with Business is Good Thing

People ask me very often what does it take to succeed in business and they get very surprised when I share with them my formula for success. It has a lot to do with love and passion. And it works like a charm, guaranteed!

1. Love what you do
That is easy too understand, although very few people actually follow this advice. It is so easy to get distracted by various shiny objects. Please remember that if you don’t truly love what you do, you will not be able to sustain long enough the level of enthusiasm necessary to succeed. Don’t think that being passionate about your future income is enough — customers sense when business owners are motivated just by money and don’t trust them.

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Often the truth isn’t what we want to hear…

There is this tendency to distord the truth in order to make
the situation appear better — instead of dealing with the truth.

I can’t believe that it is already so many years since I received a sad news that my friend Lester Heath died. He was one of those few people who had a huge influence on my life. His philosophy shaped my thinking and my coaching to a great degree and I feel incredibly fortunate for the opportunity to meet met him.

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Business Tools

Entrepreneurial spirit thriving among baby boomers

Growing entrepreneurial spirit among older workers will help to push the number of people aged 50 and over who own their own business to a record two million before the end of the decade, according to a report. – Read more in The Telegraph >>>

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Boom times for ‘Boomerpreneurs’

Reinventing themselves after the financial meltdown, Baby Boomer entrepreneurs started half of all new American businesses last year. – very interesting article in The Palm Beach Post

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Are You Taking Care Of Your Golden Geese?

I’m sure you agree that “by referrals” is one of the best ways of growing business – no money thrown away on advertising that doesn’t work and no time wasted to convince strangers to do business with you. The referred leads are presold – because trust and confidence exist, at least to some degree. It boils down to getting more of that good thing – leads, right?

One of the best ways to get more leads is to focus on those who send you referrals already and to encourage them to do it more often. So, how are you doing in the department of rewarding your sources for referring you in the first place?

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